Friday, July 8, 2011

Are we losing too much??

Most people that know me know that I love technology, even though I am always a year or more behind the most current releases.  The iPhone 4 was out for a while before I got my iPhone 3G.  This works well for me. It saves money, plus, all those people insistent on having the most up-to-date gadget have already worked out all the bugs by the time I get there!!
The one thing I abhor about the use of technology, especially in the workplace, is the loss of etiquette in how we communicate with each other.  I was corresponding via email with a peer at work. My boss, being copied on the emails, responded to my peer's email to ask him a question.  My peer's response was simply, "yeah".

Not, "Yes, Sir"

Not, "Yes"

Hell, he couldn't even be bothered to capitalize his response!!

Where has all the respect gone???
I'm all for the abbreviated way in which we correspond via text message.  Well, almost.  I still find it difficult to abbreviate most things, except for "LOL" and "prolly" (as opposed to "probably").  I realize that it's my issue, but seriously... just because it's an almost laid-back way of communicating, does that mean it doesn't deserve to be done with a modicum of decorum?
I dunno... when I read my peer's response to my boss' email, I was immediately offended.  Knowing my boss, he probably didn't even notice.   It just hit me as being so disrespectful.
It was all I could do not to hit the reply button and say, "Really???" 
Al-Anon tells me that I'm taking my peer's inventory. I have no control over people, places and things.  Trying to not be so judgmental is probably as hard for me as it was to quit smoking.  It may even be harder! Is it really too much to ask that people do things my way?