Friday, May 6, 2011

Thinking of Mom...

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it makes sense that my mom would be on my mind.  Really, I think of her every day, but the spring is always the hardest.  She was born in March 1946.  She died in March 2008, just days after her 62nd birthday, after a three-year struggle with cancer.  

Then, of course, Mother's Day comes along right after these milestone dates.  

My mom was truly a nut! I remember some of the crazy things she did.  The things I hated as a child I look back at now wishing I could do them all over again, no matter how embarrassing they were.  
One year, for the "Kiddie and Pet Parade" for the town carnival (aka Fun Fest), she dressed me in my one-piece bathing suit.  It was light blue with shiny little sequins all over it.  I was so proud of it and couldn't wait to show it off!  I was about 6 years old. To complement it, she handed me this bulky, ugly cassette tape player, stuck some huge headphones on my head, and put a Miss America-type sash across my torso that said, "Little Miss Watergate".

I WON the prize for best costume for my age group!  That's just proof that children have been used by their parents for comic relief for YEARS!!  I guess I should just be happy she didn't dress me as...


The one thing I admired most about my mother was her creativity.  Every once in a while I'll come up with something that lets me know I'm her daughter, but I couldn't begin to touch her ability to create something from nothing.   

For the Bicentennial celebration in 1976, she was ready to party!  Remember the style in the '70s??  SCARY!!  

She made herself a bright blue pantsuit, complete with bell-bottom sleeves and pant legs.  Around the cuffs of each, she sewed on red and white pom pom trim.  She wore a red, white and blue scarf tied around her neck.  You can bet she had on red, white, and blue jewelry of some kind, although no matter how hard I reach, I can't pull it from my mind.  I can just remember the horrid outfit!

I'd give anything to have pictures to go with the memories I have.  Sadly, we had a house fire when I was in Jr. high and lost everything.  

We didn't have a lot when I was growing up, but she made the best out of the things we did have.  I'm certain that, as a teenager, I took a lot of it for granted.    I'll be forever grateful that I came to appreciate her and was able to tell her just that before she died.  I have some regrets about my relationship with my mom, but I thank God one of them isn't failing to tell her I loved her!!

I Love You, Mom!!!



pdepriest said...

Testing :)

pdepriest said...

I just want you to know I had to work hard for this :) Anyhow, I never knew these stories about your mom and I loved them. I remember your mom having this great sense of humor, though. There was a time when you had to borrow her car, and she had a bumper sticker on it that just mortified you. Do remember that? Love you, Rita...don't be sad.

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