Thursday, June 23, 2011

My first "good" shoes

I've always had issues with my feet and in the past couple of years have developed plantar fasciitis, a painful ailment of the heel.   After sitting for a while, I cannot just stand up and walk like most people.  It's especially painful getting out of bed.  I have to move slowly, giving the muscle time to stretch out and the initial pain to subside.  Even then, I do not take one step without discomfort.

I've attributed a lot of my problems to my weight, but talking with a friend this morning, I realized that perhaps it goes back even further than that!

When I was growing up, my mom struggled to make ends meet and my shoes always came from discount stores and were not of the best quality.  Of course I didn't know that then.  All I knew is I didn't have the cool looking shoes with the pretty swoosh on them that all of my friends had.  I was always horrified by my shoes, but there wasn't much that I could do about it.

When I was older and earning my own money, I learned to appreciate the savings of buying cheap shoes, especially those not worn for work.  My tennis shoes have continued to be from discount retailers.  The few pairs of Nike shoes I've had came from their outlet store, so only God knows if they were quality shoes.  

Last week, I walked on the treadmill at the "Y" wearing my most recent Nikes and they hurt so bad, I couldn't stand it.  Having regular use of the treadmill as a goal for improving my health, I knew I had to get some new shoes.  Quality shoes.  So, I set myself to researching the best athletic shoes, especially for someone with plantar fasciitis.  Of the brands recommended, there were two I was attracted two...Saucony and New Balance.  During my research, I discovered that the brand alone isn't a determination.  Some of them may even make my ailment worse!  I had to look at specific models of each brand.

So, I hit the shoe stores and, after trying on numerous pairs, I finally settled on the New Balance WT573GB.
They aren't all flashy and don't have lights on them, but I can't wait to try them out!!

As an adult, I've always prided myself on not caring about paying for the name in the things I buy. Women walk around with these high dollar purses, spending what amounts to my car payment for a purse.  I could never see the point in spending a year's salary on a car when my hooptie would get me to work just as well.  I still believe this way, although I buy a little bit better quality hooptie now.  LOL  

I do, however, think I need to put more thought into where I cut corners.  Had I had better quality shoes growing up, perhaps my feet wouldn't be in such bad shape now?? 

As much as I don't want Bryce to ever look at his feet and be ashamed of the shoes he has on them, I don't want him to be an adult man with bad feet like his mommy!



Paczki Puta said...

I have those same exact shoes and live in them daily. I had shattered my right foot in a freak accident 3 years ago, and I credit these shoes as putting me "back on the right track", to coin a phrase. I love them, and you will too!

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